Ryuu (Dragon) Reiki Training
by Ariadne

(Lisa Morgenstern)

Reiki is a Japanese Healing system focusing on the connection between mind, body, and spirit. Through practice and training, Reiki can help you balance your chakras and cleanse your Aura!

Ariadne has named her Reiki training Ryuu,
after the Dragons of which she is fond.

Coming soon:

Reiki I : at Midsummer Fairies October 27-28th 2007

Call 661-718-1500 to register with a $75 deposit!

Sign up now, limited space!

Reiki I, II, and III

Reiki Treatments

Reiki Treatment by Ariadne involves:

  • Lying on a massage table, fully clothed
  • Soft music and candlelight
  • Chakra alignment and aura healing
  • Full Reiki treatment with emphasis on specific areas
  • Ariadne sometimes recieves messages from her guides about you;
  • A relaxing session which leaves you refreshed!

Price: $35 for an hour treatment; sliding scale based on ability to pay.

Ariadne will hold her hands over your body and work on you energetically by connecting to Reiki and Universal Spirit. The energy is intelligent and goes where it is needed to help with energy blockages, or balancing chakras. Every treatment is individualized to the client's needs. Come experience energetic healing which works on mind, body and spirit!

Reiki Level I Training

Students taking Reiki Level I training will learn:

  • The history and myths of Reiki and where Reiki is today
  • You'll learn about energy work and the theory of how it works
  • How to do a Reiki self-treatment
  • To do a Reiki treatment on others and hands-on experience (byosen)
  • To experience a guided meditation and be attuned to Reiki I
  • You'll be guided on how to apply Reiki in your everyday life
  • Information about the chakras and grounding
  • A 21 day chakra cleanse will be activated
  • Plus you'll receive my Reiki I manual to take home with you.

Price: $150.00

Reiki Level II Training

Students enrolled in Reiki II will learn:

  • To experience a guided meditation and be attuned to Reiki II
  • An opening of the energy centers in your palms
  • How to tap into intuition which is naturally increased by the Reiki II attunement
  • An increased receptivity to life force energy or "Ki"
  • You'll learn healing symbols for emotional, mental and long-distance healing
  • You'll learn and practice long-distance healing in class (please get permission to send Reiki to a friend/family member)
  • Review of Reiki self-treatment with affirmations
  • Activates another 21 day chakra cleanse
  • Plus you'll receive my Reiki II manual to take home with you.

Price: $150.00

Reiki Level III / Master Training

Students enrolled in Reiki III master course will learn:

  • A guided meditation and attunement to Reiki III
  • The symbols for Attunement and how to attune others
  • Reiki teaching techniques
  • How to do a healing attunement
  • Reiki Master Manual to take home with you
  • Reiki Circles and how to lead them

Price: $300.00

Reiki Level III/Master Training requires the completion of Reiki Level I and Level II training prior to enrollment. In addition, students must also complete 100 one-hour client treatments in order to receive the Reiki III/Master certificate. These treatments can be documented on client forms.

For more information, call Ariadne at (661) 722-3887
or contact Ariadne via email.

All classes include a Reiki training manual and hands on instruction.

Books and additional materials may be recommended and are available for purchase.

Ariadne has been a Reiki Master of Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing since 2000. She teaches an eclectic blend of Japanese and American Reiki techniques, from Usui, Takata, as well as Doi-sensei.


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